Handicap Fleet


The Handicap Fleet is not “where all the others go” but a friendly group of members  whose personal choice of boat is more suitable for them than the boats in the main fleets. The boats vary from Foiling International Moths (which are very light single hander boats which have foils such that at speed only the foils on bottom of centre board and rudder are in the water) to Wayfarer a large, heavy but very stable boat which can be sailed with more than two persons.

For 2012 we have a new Fleet Captain in Steve Bolland who was the RS300 National Champion. There are other top sailors in the fleet including Mike Cooke (International Foiling Moth), Ian Harris (OK) Phil/Jo Bush (National 12), Sailing Secretary Tom Halhead (RS800) and the Bush/Harris Juniors in their Optimists. The fleet also has complete beginners and many between these two extremes, including the Commodore (Laser 2000) and the Training Principal (Lark)

The fleet is also the growth area where we assess if there is sufficient demand for another fleet. At present the number of Laser 2000 are increasing and Stephen Pearce has been organising training for these boats and encouraging them to participate in club races.


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